Transfer on minivan
from 1500 rub
Ordering a minivan with a capacity of up to 8 people is a profitable alternative to the classic transfer by car.
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In what cases is it worth ordering a minivan with a driver?
Big company
When you are many, it is inconvenient to take different taxis. You will not be able to communicate, you will arrive at different times. A minivan allows a large company to arrive on time and together.
Need a driver
A professional driver will be behind the wheel, who will take care of a comfortable ride and your safety.
Ride with children
Our minivans have child seats. It will be convenient for you to transport children of any age.
In addition to compulsory motor third-party liability insurance and motor hull insurance, passengers in our minivans are insured under the OSOGOP policy, that is, life and health of all passengers are additionally insured.
Our cars have Wi-Fi - you will always be in touch. And via Bluetooth, you can listen to your favorite music on the go.
Do you want a comfortable ride or transfer by minivan. This is the service we provide.